2014 Abstract Exhibit

Abstract Viewers’ Choice


Here are the 2014 Abstract Photography Exhibit

Viewers’ Choice Selections


50 Viewers voted (3 votes each)

I’m showing the top 11 Vote Getters

To match yesterday’s equal merit image count

(The 1st 6 got 11, 11, 10, 8, 7, 6 viewers’ votes respectively

A tie lumped the final 5 shown at 5 votes each)


26 entries (of 78 total – exactly 1/3) got zero votes

Including one that got an Equal Merit nomination from 1 judge

The fact that a judge likes an image doesn’t mean

That it has broad appeal – just that one person liked it 😉

Tune in tomorrow to see what judges liked

vs. what viewers liked

vs. what both liked

and – what, if anything, we can learn from that


Click on any image for a full screen slide show

Unaltered & altered abstracts intermixed



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