2014 Abstract Exhibit

Abstract Equal Merit Winners


Here are the 2014 Abstract Photography Exhibit

Equal Merit Award Winners


Chosen by three judges (independently choosing 10 each)

Award required selection by at least two of the three


Fair amount of agreement since the possible range was

Between 0 & 15 winners and, here, 11 made the cut

No image was chosen by all three judges


Two judges are experienced abstract photographers & judges

One is an “ordinary person” who knows & likes abstracts


Click any image for a full screen slide show


7 thoughts on “Abstract Equal Merit Winners

  1. I almost voted for the 3 that were chosen but ended up with 2. It was difficult because most of them had merit that put them in the running according to the rules set forth. I loved the trees and would put that up on my wall but they could be easily identified as was the smoke pic which I choose for mood, continued interest etc. Anyway this exercise was a lot of fun and piqued my interest in this type photography and rather than spend thousands of dollars to go to locations around the world, one can do this right in your own back yard.

    Thank you for all of your effort, time and opening new frontiers for me!

    • I appreciate your feedback. Tune in tomorrow and see how your choices match up with the Viewers’ Choice selections.

      The biggest point in your comment (IMO) is recognizing the some of the best photo ops are right in your own back yard. Best in many ways (not just $ savings); IMO they’re best because they are unique and not the same photo icon that has been captured and shown thousands (millions) of times.

  2. Reblogged this on Gaston Bessette, Photographie and commented:
    Bonjour, Merci à Ed Knepley pour avoir initié ce défi sur trois mois. Je suis content d’avoir gagné ce défi du Equal Merit Award.
    Thank you Ed Knepley for initiated this three month chalenge and I am proud about receiving this Equal Merit Award.

  3. macrose says:

    I am so excited to have one of my entries chosen as one of the equal merit winners and viewers choice among all of the excellent works entered for this abstract photography exhibit. Thanks Ed for opening up the world of abstracts to me and giving me the chance to participate. Maybe, now, I will not be so afraid to enter future exhibits.

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