Abstract Art and Photography



Welcome to Abstract Art and Photography


A three part multimedia slide show

created for

The Northern Virginia Photographic Society


When the show (HD) starts
1 – Click the full screen icon (under “VideoPress“)
2 – Your speaker must be on


Enjoy the show


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



Historical photos in Part 1 and paintings throughout

May be protected by copyright, and

Are used in accordance with fair use principles

All photos not otherwise indicated are © 2014 Ed Knepley


Comments? Questions??

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25 thoughts on “Abstract Art and Photography

  1. Ed, I have always ben a fan of your photography and I completely understand your journey from realizm to abstraction and the joy of creating art. Thanks for your presentation…………

  2. Polly Terriberry says:

    Wonderfully done! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I love abstracts but have never been able to figure out why. After seeing yours, I have a better idea why I find them so fascinating.

    • Thanks, Polly. The reason I added the part about how the brain is wired was an attempt to show both viewers & photographers why not everyone “gets” abstracts – at least not initially.

  3. Kevin Le says:

    Thanks for your presentation which gave me more insight about abstract photography. I always like isolation composition but this technique will take me to another level in making pictures.

  4. Georgette Grossman says:

    Thanks, Ed. A very entertaining program. I wish that you could have presented in person at our NVPS meeting. Go away snow… unless it presents an abstract opportunity!

  5. Fred Siskind says:

    I have a nephew named Aaron Siskind, but the artist Aaron Siskind is no relation.

    I’m not sure about rescheduling history, but your presentation is not time dependent, so there’s no reason not to reschedule.

    • There may be one, but I’ve never checked. However, using the iPad for color should be easy. Just have it display a color(s) from any source using your browser for example, or using a simple sketch or paint app to create your own in any color or combinations you want. Another thought is that there are lots of apps from paint companies (house paint) and they might fit the bill.

      I just let my imagination (and Google search) be my guide. 😉

    • Georgette, I don’t want to leave my email address here. If you’re willing to reply to this with your address, I’ll send you an email.

      I’m curious as to why you posted this comment here rather than at the luminosity post (of which there are several). Also, why not place your question as a comment with that post so that everyone can benefit (my preference).

      Thanks for your interest.

  6. Georgette – When I view comments there is no “details below” section. I don’t doubt that there is such a section somewhere, but not as I use WordPress. So, NO!, your email address is not available to me.

    As I tried to indicate in my first reply, I prefer to answer post questions within the comment section of the post in question. Let’s do it that way and forget personal emails.

    NOTE!! This is what I see. What I don’t see is “details…”

    Here is what I see......

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