Abstract, Landscape

Yellowstone Thermals


A test post for my new gallery site


A post can have a featured image as shown above

1272 pixels wide (or less for smaller images)

Placed automatically at top center

The post’s title and other content (if any) appear below the image


An example of added content:

After looking at the above Yellowstone scene

I started searching for found abstracts

and began to see what I was looking for

Roll your mouse over the next image for a 2nd example

(Done merely to test the code needed for rollovers

I have to roll-my-own code for this; pun intended)

003_DSC9873 LR2blog 002_DSC9849 LR2blog



A clean simple site layout with zero clutter

Designed to display images

I’ve even left off the usual Likes & Comments options

New gallery images will be introduced via

The Photography Improvement blog

Likes & Comments can be registered there


Ignore the site’s navigation bar for now

Except for the My PBase entry under View Galleries

There’s no content;  merely place holders for now



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